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House for rent in Hanoi, Apartments for rent in Hanoi

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Toà nhà căn hộ cho thuê
The Manor Hà Nội
Giá: $ 1,000 ~ $ 4,500 TXT_BUILD_YEAR: 2008
Tầng số: 20 Vị trí: Mễ Trì
Chỗ đỗ xe ôtô: Yes Thang máy: Yes
Truyền hình cáp: No Phòng tập thể dục: Yes
Nội thất: Yes ADSL Internet: Yes
Bể bơi: Yes

Mô tả:

The Manor is superior apartments Projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. It's the pride of your family and you to own a superior apartment there. At the manor you will have all the best for you and your family's life. It will provide you with the luxurious and comfortable apartments with European standards, especially the swanky villas. Moreover, we will provide you with new life style at the Manor where you can go shopping at the fashion shops with the famous brand in the world, take part in the activities at entertainment center and modern cinema and enjoy the foods that come from all over the world at the luxurious restaurants. You will be healthy with the fitness and medical care center. You will not be worried when your beloved children are close to you at the International school and kindergarten at The Manor.


Serviced: Apartments for rent in Hanoi or House for rent in Hanoi

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