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Green Valley condo garners rave reviews


Green Valley is the second apartment project overlooking the Saigon South Golf Course and scenic river after Happy Valley apartment project. On-site facilities include swimming pool, flower garden and convenience stores. Each apartment also has sufficient parking space for a car and two motorbikes, providing a much welcome bonus in a city notorious for its lack of parking. There's also spacious parking space for visitors.

Thanks to its convenient location, residents can also easily access District 1 and 3 by about 20 minute drive. With a variety of apartment sizes at affordable prices, Green Valley offers a rare opportunity to purchase Phu My Hung condo as this is the Phu My Hung’s second condo project for middle-income earners since Sky garden 2004.

It’s no surprise that the motto “easy to buy, easy to sell, easy to lease,” has become a popular expression when referring to Green Valley. Phu My Hung Development Corp. has been trying to add extra values and benefits via comprehensive investments in infrastructure and facilities. As a result, the appearance of Phu My Hung City Center is growing at multiplying rate over 15-year development.

A large foreign community occupying up to 40% of total residents here has been developed such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. in line with a modern educational system concentrating many international schools such as SSIS, Japanese School, Taipei School and Korean School. A positive sign for foreigners is that several foreign individuals have been able to complete the procedure to get the Certificate of house ownership in this urban area since the beginning of 2014. Phu My Hung Development Corp. also offers a long-term leasing programme for expatriates who are residing in Vietnam but remain ineligible to purchase a house. During the leasing contract, individuals and corporate customers can receive whole-hearted supports from Phu My Hung Development Corp. to convert from leasing to purchasing when they are qualified to make house purchases in Vietnam.

The second phase of the Green Valley apartment project is expected to be launched by end of April 2014.


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