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Opportunities in Singapore Real Estate, ease of access to major cities in Asia


Singapore has attracted many talented and wealthy foreigners from around the world and will continue to be a favorite investment destination for high net worth individuals. It is poised to be the number 2 wealth centre in the world within 10 years. Here are some reasons for this favorable trend:

To find out more about the future transformation of Singapore and the opportunities in the Singapore real estate market, you are invited to attend the following seminar brought to you by Far East Organization.

Date : 15 Mar 2014, Saturday

Time : 1pm to 6pm (Presentation starts at 2.30pm)

Venue : Sheraton Saigon HotelSaigon-Dalat Function Room, 88 Dong Khoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

RSVP : 12065231 (Toll-Free)

Email : jenniferbuivh@fareast.com.sg

- Ease of access to major cities in Asia

- Strong, stable Singapore currency

- Good social, economic and political management

- One of the best education systems in the world

- World class medical services

- Quality living environment

- Infrastructure developments in Singapore enhance real estate value

- Housing developer laws protect home buyers

- Low interest rate

- No capital gains tax

- No inheritance tax

- No restrictions on foreign ownership for condominiums and apartments

Singapore Draft Master Plan 2013: Small Island, Big Ideas, World Class Real Estate

The new Singapore Draft Master Plan 2013 features a comprehensive and integrated planning approach to optimize the use of Singapore’s limited land to meet the current and future needs of Singapore’s residents.

The Draft Master Plan 2013 is driven by the vision of an inclusive, highly liveable, economically vibrant and green home. It revolves around 6 key focuses: housing, economy, recreation, identity, transport and public spaces.

*Extracted from The Straits Times @Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission

A Quality Living Environment

A range of housing types will be provided in new and existing estates. Every new and existing estate will boast a quality living environment, with green and community spaces for residents to relax and interact. Walkability and cycling routes will be key features, alongside a good distribution of amenities.

Enhancing Transport and Connectivity

Under the Land Transport Master Plan 2013, there will be a more people-centric land transport system where greater emphasis will be placed on making public transport a more attractive mode of transport. The rail network will be doubled from the current 178km to around 360km by 2030. More trains and buses and increased frequencies will improve the overall public transport capacity. To provide a more seamless experience and convenience for commuters, seven new integrated transport hubs linking bus interchanges with MRT stations and commercial developments, as well as a network of walkways will be built.

More Jobs Near Home

In order to strengthen Singapore’s status as a global financial and business hub, sufficient land will be set aside to grow Singapore’s diversified economy and bring jobs closer to home. To enable Singapore residents to work closer to home, reduce commuting time and ease congestion during peak hours, the existing regional centres in both the western and eastern regions will be expanded. New regional centres will also be formed across the Northern and North-eastern Singapore.

Recreational Spaces and Activities for All

Green spaces will be expanded to provide a lush living environment. Around 90% of Singapore residents can look forward to live within 400m of a park. Singapore also enjoys an extensive water supply network comprising 8,000 km of waterways and 17 reservoirs. To realise the full potential of this water infrastructure, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) aims to create attractive recreational spaces along Singapore’s 900 ha of reservoirs and 100km of waterways. For healthier communities, there will be at least one sports and recreation facility in every town.

Cherished Places, An Endearing Home

Places that are meaningful to Singapore will be conserved where possible while new spaces will be created for the community to forge new ties. Holland Village, Jalan Kayu and Serangoon Garden have also been identified as new identity nodes to be conserved. Singapore residents will also enjoy convenient one-stop hubs which bring together different community facilities under one roof. Such integrated developments will create a strong sense of familiarity and identity.

Public Spaces, Better Living

As part of the Draft Master Plan 2013, PubliCity is an initiative that aims to create both new public spaces as well as rejuvenate existing ones. The creation and development of well designed public spaces provide areas for people to gather for social activities and serve as leisure and recreational spaces.

Far East Organization

Far East Organization is the largest private property developer in Singapore with a growing reputation for building innovative and functional spaces and providing high quality experiences and value for its customers. Since its establishment in 1960, Far East Organization has been contributing to the transformation of Singapore’s urban landscape with 750 developments in the residential, hospitality, retail, commercial, and industrial sectors, including 45,500 or one in six private homes in Singapore. Far East Organization’s listed entities comprise Far East Orchard Limited, Yeo Hiap Seng Limited and Far East Hospitality Trust. It is the only developer in the world to win 8 FIABCI Prix d’Excellence awards, the highest honour in international real estate.

Exclusive Townhouses in Singapore eligible for foreign ownership

Traditional landed housing in Singapore is only offered to Singapore citizen. Far East Organization offers foreign buyers an opportunity to invest in landed homes. At Far East Organization’s townhouses, these spacious and stylish townhouses are ideally designed and located to make the most of Singapore living.

- Recreational facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna

- Pool access at the front and lifestyle garden at the back

- Private parking

- Gated community with security features

- Efficient transportation network

Close proximity to lifestyle amenities, good schools and parks

Marina Bay New Downtown

Ferra located at central of Singapore – designed by world renown designer Pininfarina

The Seawind townhouse located at East Coast, eastern part of Singapore



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