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  • 21-02-2014 New year offers real growth prospects, NRE talks to VIR

    Dang Hung Vo, former Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Environment talks to VIR about potential solutions to the present real estate malaise. ...

  • 21-02-2014 Real estate market in Vietnam gets warmer

    The real estate market has seen positive developments as numerous social housing projects are carried out to help low-income people have home and give a boost to the market. ...

  • 21-02-2014 VN: Property market anticipates recovery in 2014

    The real estate market will recover in 2014, said Deputy Construction Minister Nguyen Tran Nam said in an interview granted to a VOV online reporter about the property market in 2003 and forecasts in ...

  • 21-02-2014 Hanoi’s apartment market shows signs of recovery, Vietnam

    Analysts expect 2014 will be a more successful year for the Vietnamese real estate market, after the year began with an increase in the number of apartment transactions. ...

  • 21-02-2014 Vietnam: $4.5 billion locked in real estate market

    Despite standing at a record level of $4.5 billion at the end of 2013, unsold real estate inventory has fallen 26.5 per cent in the first quarter of the year. ...

  • 17-01-2014 Foreign-backed projects in Hanoi power ahead

    Despite the global crisis and domestic downturn, a range of foreign-backed real estate projects moved ahead last year. ...

  • 17-01-2014 Sensible choices will prime market

    Industry experts are predicting that 2014 will continue to see raised liquidity in the real estate market, particularly in the low and medium-cost housing segment. VIR talked with some industry player...

  • 17-01-2014 Gemadept sold tower

    HoSE-listed Gemadept Corporation has sold the 22-floor Gemadept Tower in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing in a hefty cash sum to be used for investment in logistics and port projects. ...

  • 17-01-2014 Property firms ask for removal of policy bottlenecks

    Real estate companies in HCMC at a roundtable meeting on Monday with the leaders of Vietnam’s National Financial Supervisory Committee (NFSC) expressed their worries over the property industry and p...

  • 17-01-2014 Positive indicators offer real estate market boost

    Economic stability and increased sales seen at the end of 2013 is offering hope for 2014, according to real estate consultants. ...

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